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About Us and Our Mission

Like yourself and many others in this country, we are victims of the inequitable alimony laws by which the family law system has enslaved us. In Florida, as in many other states, our ex-spouses have been granted "lifetime permanent alimony" which in later years places an undue burden on us. In our situation, we are existing at a level below the poverty level, which for one person for 2008 is $10,326/year according to the poverty guidelines published by the Census Bureau

Our mission is to make you aware of the injustices that are being perpetrated on spouses who have had the unfortunate experience and whose only "crime" was that of having had a marriage gone bad. To expose how our courts operate in secrecy in which they conspire to deprive us of our family, children, homes, assets, and future by violating our Constitutional rights as U.S. citizens. To show how a common criminal is treated with more respect and granted more benefits than a law abiding, family loving citizen who is having their life torn apart by the courts. To show how "Debtor's Prison" still exists for you. To show how there is an "inequity" in the judicial system that operates "for profit" rather than "for justice." See our blog for further details on this.

The fabric of our society is being rendered to the point of destruction of family values to where a stable marriage no longer counts and declining moral values are encouraged by the oppressive alimony laws in most states. By granting "lifetime permanent alimony" they are providing a profit motive for spouses to leave their spouse, eliminate their family responsibilities, reduce the incentive to remarry, allow them to live with a "significant other" outside the bounds of marriage and saddle their ex-spouse with a lifetime of financial debt to finance this slovenly lifestyle. Spouses have is "No Right to Alimony."

The courts not only encourage this activity but help perpetuate it because it is a multi-billion dollar industry that only benefit attorneys' of which group the judiciary is a standing member. Legislators, who are by and large attorneys, make the laws that the courts enforce. The courts are for the most part run by the judiciary who are all attorneys appointed by the legislators. This is a closed self-perpetuating system that creates job-security and profits for its members. Read how they contribute to the "financial suicide" of spouses.

If the courts were interested in preserving the families, they would not encourage "no-fault" divorces and the adversarial nature of family law court proceedings. But, if it weren't for adversarial-type proceedings, how would the attorneys run up such large and exorbitant fees. Of course, the defendant in these type cases has the additional burden of having to pay the cost of not only their own defense, they have to pay the attorney's fees of the ex-spouse who is prosecuting them.

When, in the course of a marriage, does the state enter into the private realm of the marriage relationship and force one spouse to support the other in a pre-determined format or style? If it is not acceptable prior or during the marriage, why is it acceptable only at the divorce? The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in numerous cases that the government has no constitutional jurisdiction in the private lives of Americans and their marriages - outside of preventing proven harm to a child.

It is inappropriate to equate alimony (spousal support) with child support. Adults are not children and therefore should be treated equally under the law. It is not reasonable nor acceptable under our constitution to force one adult to work against their will in perpetuity for the benefit of another just because their marriage failed.

If in the course of dissolution of marriage, a couple equitably splits their assets acquired during their marriage, what justification is there to force one to support the other with a perpetual fabricated debt rather than requiring them both to be responsible for themselves?

The 13th amendment to the US Constitution states that "neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall exist except as punishment for a crime". Forcing one individual to work under threat of imprisonment via the existence of a state statute that mandates it, is "involuntary servitude" by any definition of the phrase.

One supreme court judge from Idaho, Justice Shepard, commented on this in the case of Olsen v. Olsen, 98 Idaho 10 (1976): in his dissent starting on page 3 that gives the rationale for alimony reform. In it he states:

"I believe that the facts of the case emphasize the need for re-examination of the entire concept of alimony and the continuing viability of that concept in contemporary society. Put another way, the question facing the Court is whether a judicially imposed system of involuntary servitude is to be continued wherein one human being is placed in bondage to another for what is effectively the remainder of his natural life."

Is our government no longer a government of justice and equality who's very existence is to protect the liberty and individual rights of its citizenry? The very enforcement of state alimony laws by the federal government (as proposed in H.R. 4861 by John E. Sweeney, US Congressman) would be gross discrimination against one class of persons. Statistical information about current victims of alimony laws easily proves this.

Do we pass laws now based on fear and feeling rather than comporting to the constitution that our legislators pledge to uphold and protect? There is no argument amongst victims of alimony laws that the application of the laws is a clear and present danger along with a gross denial of the constitutional right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness after divorce. There is no distinction between  involuntary servitude, peonage, debtors prisons, and alimony laws. Neither  does calling it "spousal support" change the nature of it.

Our other goal is to rally support to tear down the present unconstitutional alimony law structure and to replace its antiquated structure with one that is more equitable to the parties, preserves their "Right to Privacy" as guaranteed by the Constitution, discourages the profit motive of spouses to pursue a dissolution of marriage, encourages strong family values and reflects the realities of today's society.

If you are experiencing problems with the burdens incurred with paying alimony, be sure to check our Alimony Bookstore for recommended publications to help you to modify your alimony payments or fight contempt of court hearings.




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