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Legal Self-Help Books

Reference books for researching and
Preparing your case for court

Note: They are written by a layman in layman's terminology with a lot of practical and real-life examples. They contain step-by-step information that takes the mystery out of dealing with the family law system. These appear to be a much needed, first-of-their-kind, legal aids for self-represented people which have been missing from the bookstores up to now.

The first two rows of books below have proven to be invaluable and are the best way to start your learning process. The next row of publications from Nolo Publishers are also excellent, easy to read, easy to understand and most of all, very informative. For those of you who want to go pro se (by yourself, without an attorney.) Nolo is a good bargain for the money.

Books from West Publishers and others shown below are considered the standards of the industry with an excellent reputation. However, the books are a bit on the pricey side and aimed mainly at the law student. They will tend to be more concise and specific and are good if you want more detail on what you are researching.

Check out the website: How to Win in Court...Without a Lawyer.  The site belongs to an attorney with 25 years experience who offers to help pro se litigants with a self-help course that costs $249 (plus $7.50 priority shipping). It appears to be quite comprehensive and well organized. The site has Q&A Help Forums, Users Groups, Legal Dictionary, Videos, Tutoring, Justice Magazine, Tips & Tactics Newsletter. Well worth a look.

If any of the book description icons doesn't show up, try clicking "refresh" on your browser and it should do the job. If you are using Firefox browser with the "Adblock"  extension, you will need to disable it to see these listings.

Pro Se Self-Help Guidebook Series

Winning Strategies and Tactics for Use in Family Law Court
Winning Strategies and Tactics for Use in Family Law Court

How To Modify Your Alimony Payments

How To Defend Yourself In Contempt Of Court Hearings

How To Appeal In State Courts Of Appeal

Jail: An Inmates Survival Guide

If you could end up in jail for contempt, this book will help you to understand what you are facing.


A Spouse's Guide To Hiding Assets




Legal Abuse Syndrome

Legal Abuse Syndrome: Utilizing a Tort Action in Family Law Cases




Reference Books For Researching And Preparing Your Case


For The More Serious Researcher






Misc. Law Books

How To Change Your ID & Disappear Books

Good companion book to the Spouse's Guide to Hiding Assets 

One of the best self-defense books ever. Real life methods for survival.
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