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Strike Back!!
Take control and learn the
Rules of engagement     

  • Are you paying too much spousal support or getting behind in your payments?
  • Are you facing a contempt of court hearing and don't know what to do?
  • Are you facing "lifetime" alimony?
  • Are you paying expensive lawyers who aren't representing your best interests??
  • Do you need to gain some time to muster your forces?
  • Do you feel you are not in control?

Being involved with a court hearing over alimony payments is not a question of "IF"....but "WHEN". Unless you are substantially well off, there will come a time when your ability to keep paying alimony will diminish or stop altogether. Perhaps you will lose your job, lose your income, get remarried, retire or any number of occurrences might happen. You will find the courts are not very sympathetic to your situation and will not offer much in the way of relief.

When this happens, usually the ex will come after you for falling behind in your payments. If you are unable to come up with the money, you face a possible "contempt of court" not to mention the fees of your attorney and those of your ex. Then what will you do???

If you are facing contempt proceedings, don't rely on your lawyer to bail you out of your situation. They do not always operate in your best interest. As regards the relationship of the lawyer and client, here is the truth of the matter:

"His first duty is to the courts and the public, not to the client. And where ever the duties of his client conflict with those, he owes as an officer of the court in the administration of Justice, the former must yield to the latter." Corpus Juris Secundum Vol. 7, Section 4.

Read this interesting article on lawyers.

Arm yourself with knowledge of what is happening and how you can combat it. You may not always win but you'll give as good as you get. And.....do it with a minimum of expense.

Take control and stand your Ground!

Your ex and lawyer more than likely feel they are holding all the cards. There are ways to change that situation. I have done it and you can too. I was once facing a contempt of court hearing. When I went into the hearing, the lady judge said that after what I had done, the hearing was no longer in her hands and the hearing was terminated then and there.

There's always a possibility that the hearing can be held again, but this is just one tool you can use to gain some time and stand your ground. Unlike some other people who put out material guaranteeing that you can stop  support or whatever, I do not guarantee anything other than this is what has worked for me up to this point and there is no reason why it can't for you. But keep in mind that all cases are not alike and each one has to be treated individually.

However, there are basic things that are applicable to most all cases and that is what you can find here. Of the material presented in this ebook, take what you can and use it to your advantage. The main objective is to let you know that you can not take the matter lying down. If you will take the time to educate yourself as to the rules of engagement, you will stand a better chance. The opposition has definite rules they need to follow and you need to learn them. The rules they have to play by are the same ones that will work for you. The only advantage they have over you now, is your ignorance of the law.

I had hired lawyers to represent me and they let me down every time all the while taking my money and wasting a lot of time. When I ran out of money, I then undertook to educate myself and determined that I wanted to fight back. I started representing myself on a Pro Se (without an attorney) basis and that has made all the difference in the world.

Like a war, there are battles lost and won but it's rare that one battle will win the war. You not only have to be prepared for some some successes, but also for setbacks. But the nice part is that you won't be incurring any hefty legal fees to wage war.

But by educating yourself with material like this report contains, you will increase your chances of success; you will know what you can or can't do and you will take control of your situation instead of letting an lawyer lead you around in total ignorance.

The end result was that I proved that my ex had no more need for alimony and as a result, the court stopped my alimony payments to her.

Let me show you what I did and how you can benefit from it. The procedures I used are ones that challenge the constitutionality of the present alimony statutes of Florida. This report is based on cases filed in Florida. And, to my knowledge, these same procedures can be used anywhere in the U.S.

To defend yourself, you need to know what tactics to use to put you on a level footing with the opposition. You have to understand what they will throw at you. You need to know the rules under which they are operating and how they are constrained. Once you know what they are doing, you can head them off and stop them.

  • Find out how you can be held in contempt and what treatment you can expect.
  • Find out about "garnishments."
  • Find out how to avoid testifying in a contempt hearing.
  • Find out how to protect your assets from support proceedings.
  • Find out how to protect yourself in a contempt hearing.
  • Find out how you can stop contempt of court proceedings in State Court.
  • Find out how you can challenge the system in Federal Court.
  • Find out how you can Fight Back!!

Don't let all the legal stuff deter you. If you will do some research, you can learn enough to get you out of the dark and on the road to a better understanding of what is going on. Even if you have a lawyer representing you, you should know the information contained in this ebook. Lawyers usually feel better if you let them handle everything but knowing what they are doing will give you an edge in keeping up with the proceedings and what options you might have.

This ebook report will take out a lot of the mystery and show you the things you will need to know.

My case was filed in April 2, 2004 and has been ongoing until today. The opposition has tried to stop me, but have been unsuccessful so far. I can keep them in limbo for quite a while and there is nothing they can do about it except spend a lot of money trying to stop me while my efforts to resist them cost me very little.

Read this e-book report and find out what worked for me and how it might do the same for you. The report is based on a true story and the research that was done to stop the opposition. All the facts and events are true and are a matter of public record for you to verify. You can see the public record of the ongoing battle click here.


Every 3 or 4 generations a pioneer emerges to tackle issues against the rights of every person. First and foremost the founding fathers on rights of free men. Then Abraham Lincoln with the emancipation proclamation, Susan B. Anthony for the rights of women, Rosa Parks on minority rights and in our generation, Bill Cabana on ex-spousal rights... An issue of rights after marriage who's time has come. ...Joe W., Dripping Springs, TX


Thanks Bill for letting me preview your masterpiece on alimony.  I know there are going to be the obstacles of "Time honored alimony decrees" ahead, but this gives those of us who "pay and pay" the hope of a brighter day.    Steve S. Flint, Michigan

Fight Back!!
How To Challenge Alimony Laws And
Stop Contempt Of Court Hearings

- Second Edition -

Table of Contents

Act now!  And get this report. It's a bargain and well worth the price. The knowledge it contains will save you time and money in handling your case. It will pay for itself in saved alimony payments.


Save $5.00 off the regular price of $39.95 and get this report for only $34.95

The report is in a downloadable Adobe PDF format file and is password protected. After we have received payment, within 24 hours of our receipt of a notice from Paypal, you will be sent an email with the password that will allow you to download, read and print the eBook report.

Money Back Guarantee if you can show where any of the above statements made in report are not true.

Be sure to check our Alimony Bookstore for recommended publications to help you in your legal research and education. They have proved invaluable.


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